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A few things to know...

This booking is for Professional Photographers to schedule a 1 hour time slot in the sunflower field from August 1, 2024 to August 17, 2024. Only up to 4 photographers allowed in the several acre field at one time. Wednesday and Thursday only scheduled photographers or groups will be there, so those are great days to not be disturbed in the patch! Friday & Saturday we are open to the public so if you choose to shoot then, please be aware of and courteous to our other customers coming to enjoy and pick the flowers. We ask that you do not bring your pets, no matter how cute they would be in the sunflowers. Oh, and do bring bug spray :) 


Be aware that this is a working farm. Agriculture is messy, dirty, and unpredictable. There could be mud, irrigation, dirt, bugs, smoke, wind, rain, storms, dust, water etc at the farm during your photo shoot. These conditions can also affect the way the flowers look. We can not guarantee the perfect backdrop, but we guarantee it will be an experience!


We are totally closed Sundays. Like, not even a little bit open. :)

1 Hour Photo Shoot

Click the day and choose the time to schedule your shoot time in the sunflower field.

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